Quintessence is the journey of a meteor which lands on an uninhabited planet, triggering an evolution of elemental changes that leads to the creation of life, which is an allegory for the birth of an idea. I created the concept for this piece to serve as my graduation project at Vancouver Film School's Digital Design program.

My main source of inspiration rooted from the panspermia theory, which hypothesizes that life on earth originated from microorganisms traveling through space within meteorites from another solar system. Panspermia is a Greek word that means 'seeds everywhere.'  I'd like to think that we, as creatives, plant 'seeds' of ideas and nurture them until they become bigger projects that require our investments of time and effort in order to grow.

I have always been passionate about collaborating with like-minded artists and close friends to create audio-visual projects that I wouldn’t be able to complete on my own. After a handful of successful projects and a lot of coffee, I’ve realized that meeting and working with creative individuals is something I’d like to continue doing for the rest of my life. This is where our passion became the idea for the brand Opportune.

Opportune is a club and a collective of audio-visual creators who want to transform ideas into tangible projects.

For our first project, Quintessence, I aimed to make an advertisement visual for the brand that would leave the viewers wanting to find out more.



I aimed for a cinematic and dark art direction, paying homage to my favourite genre of sci-fi space films. I researched references of movement in zero gravity, and the highly contrasted look as a result of a single bright light source.

I portrayed the landscape of the pre-historic planet to be rugged but beautiful, using footage from my personal travels and Creative Commons to create matte paintings for the backgrounds. In collaboration with soof, we shot macro video of rocks and crystals to achieve the rugged aesthetic. In post production, I experimented with pixel sorting and glitch effects to add to the chaos of the creation of the elements. The crystal scenes grow brighter and more colourful as it builds up to the climax, to portray the beauty of these natural elements.

It was important to capture the essence of the brand with the right audio, which builds up to the climax of the logo reveal. In collaboration with Taylor McLean on the music and Stephano Sanchinelli on the sound design, we came up with an original score which assisted in achieving a cinematic audio-visual experience.

View the case study below to see the process behind the project.




Creative Direction & Animation: Jay Lee
Cinematography: Jay Lee & Soof
Music composition: Taylor McLean
Sound Design: Stephano Sanchinelli

Special Thanks to Nida Fatima and my DD33 Family