This is the main title sequence for Apotheosis, a fictitious sci-fi film set in a dystopian future in Neo-Seoul about a man with no recollection of his past, who later finds out that he has been transformed into a cyborg as a subject of a military experiment.

I aimed for a minimalistic art direction, experimenting mainly with glitch effects and particle animation. Taking inspiration from classic sci-fi films like The Matrix and Ghost in the Shell, I portrayed organic human elements in a digital, cybernetic environment. The title sequence is meant to be played as the introduction to the film, and it foreshadows a dark and chaotic mood to portray his subconscious mind as the main character undergoes the experiments. The inversion between black and white shows the duality behind his internal struggle to stay human or fully transform into a machine.

The music was composed by Stephano Sanchinelli under his musical alias autodream, who provided a heavy sound-design based track to match with the chaotic glitch visuals.



Creative Direction & Animation: Jay Lee
Music Composition: Stephano Sanchinelli