Inspired by The League of Moveable Type, we created an animated typeface using the Knewave font. The curvy and rounded characteristics of the typeface called for smooth frame by frame animations. We aimed to create a short 25 frame one-second story for each letter based on their shapes. I was assigned with the letters J, L, 0, 4, and !, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the painful but rewarding cell animation techniques.

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I immediately saw a saxophone in the shape of the J, and I also wanted to play on the word 'Jazz.' I added motion lines to give more action to the spin.
I saw a bent arm in the shape of the L. I used a reference of Ryu from Street Fighter performing a jumping punch to achieve the timing of the action. I also added motion blur and the impact of the punch to add to the action.
I wanted to experiment with fluid animation and fill the 0 with a swift motion. This one proved to be challenging as it was difficult to emulate a realistic fluid motion.
I also wanted to play with fluid animation for the 4. This one was the most challenging out of the five letters, as I went through many failed attempts of emulating a smooth splash of a water drop.
I decided to just have fun and go crazy with the ! to literally put an exclamation mark at the end of this exercise. I played with random chaotic lines to portray a tornado creating the final reveal of the symbol.